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As you know we really live in a stressed-out world. This hypno-relaxation CD gives you a chance to relax and unwind. You deserve some time for yourself. Enjoy your journey of complete relaxation

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Hypnotherapy in San Diego and Huntington Beach

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in San Diego and Huntington Beach, California. Read more about the hypnotherapy services I have to offer, give me a call and let the healing journey begin.

What can I offer to my clients?

Through my many years of medical experience interacting with hundreds of people, interviewing them and listening to their medical problems, I developed a keen awareness of how many of their conditions also had a mind-body connection. That is to say, that the stresses in their lives and emotions, many times played a role in the physical complaints.
I thought it would be great if other complimentary treatments could be offered to the patients to help enhance their healing process.

When my son Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 25, I saw first-hand, the wonderful benefits that he received by using hypnotherapy to help him get through the nausea and dealing with the stress, pain and fatigue. He was able to have an incredible quality of life while dealing with his brain cancer.

I was truly inspired by Scott and his valiant fight. He passed away at age 27, but left me with a tremendous gift. He knew that I wanted to change careers and be doing something that would be more fulfilling and impact people in a positive way. What he didn’t know is that after he passed away, I had my own personal incredible hypnosis experience that left me saying “I need to be doing hypnosis work”. I became good friends with his hypnotherapist, who became my mentor and I subsequently went back to school and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

It is so rewarding to be in a career that I can assist people in making life changes.

Here is the study that was done by Dr. Montgomery at Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York on breast cancer patients who received hypnosis prior to surgery.

Here is a link to the segment that I taped on the show "Your Cancer Today" regarding hypnotherapy and cancer treatment.

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